Mount & blade II: construction of the process to be completed bannerlord


2018’s left behind with the month of April also. M&b II: Bannerlord’s fate is still there is so much information on our hands. Taleworlds, the game about game development news and more information about the process of your own Internet sites and Bannerlord’s Steam news page on the gamers rather share it with. Recently, the Weekly news in the block to mount and Blade II: Bannerlordin information about the type of melee weapons was shared.

The shape of damage each weapon will be different

According to information shared on the blog weekly in the game, Daggers, Swords, Axes, Hammers , and Mace, Pole Weapon with farm equipment! that can be used. All these weapon types there will be different types of damage. 3 different damage types for melee weapons. Pulse, passing through and cutting such as. Different types of damage, will be affected by the type of armor that comes their way. So cutting damage is more effective in light Armor, while heavy armor will be effective in passing through the damage. Permanent damage damage to the stub, giving between the two of them will take place.

A short blurb on the blog about the variety of all these weapons is a very interesting detail is visible. “Farm equipment” under the heading with a witty tongue, “you should not expect too much performance from this gun, but in our opinion the game wouldn’t be complete without them” is called. Blog, this sentence was supplemented with. “Ultimately it’s almost harvest time!” This sentence is very close to being finished and soon the game us a Release date could mean that is to be given. Our local game company Taleworlds, 2012 mount and blade II: the bannerlord announced that they have developed.

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