Mount & blade II: bannerlord long-range weapons introduced


Local and national construction mount & blade II: Bannerlord‘s weekly blogcontinues to be shared interest with the details of the new game. New shared on the blog, which in the game are ranged weapons that would be announced.

New mount & blade game, which is long-distance weapons will be

“A fighting chance against your opponent when you are almost non-existent or very little from a safe distance with vigor, will give you a significant advantage on the battlefield.” Made the introduction with this sentence to be found are listed as ranged weapons in the game on the developer blog;

*Throwing Knives

*Throwing Axes

*The javelin


*The crossbow

*Rocks ?

Throwing knives and throwing axes inthe previous games is not very large compared to changes we can say that. Javelin, there is a novelty in terms of diversity. The javelin is pretty much in the new game the variety of info that will be shared. The springsare also the same variety will be. Bannerlord in that players can equip many different medical stated that they will release them. The length of the springs, and the structure according to the stretching and charges will change. There will be advantages and disadvantages of each broadcast. Besides these, the crossbow is not much explanation about the properties. Crossbow accurate and powerful, specialize, compared to other ranged weapons, a weapon that wants more time, he said. Finally, the mount & blade games indispensable throwing Rocks‘that are addressed weekly blog by INA punctuated. The release date is still not!

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord'un menzilli silahları tanıtıldı