Monster Hunter movie is coming! The lead role of the film became apparent!


The film adaptation of the game even more are participating. Judging from the news , Capcom, especially with the last game, which have won great praise monster Hunter universe is preparing to transfer to the big screen. Moreover, the role of the head in game there’s a name familiar from the films.

Monster Hunter movie is coming

Variety of the site, according to a report earlier Resident Evil who oppose us in the movie Milla Jovovich, monster Hunter located in the lead in the adaptation of the players will be one. At the same time Jovovich who is the wife of Paul W. S. Anderson in the film which will be directed by Jeremy bolt will serve as a producer. Constantin Film ‘s signature, which will carry some information about the budget for the film.

Monster Hunter'ın filmi geliyor! Filmin baş rolü belli oldu!

Again, according to the news, monster Hunter full movie 60 million dollar budget. The work of the production phase of the film will begin as the month of September. of course, that will have to subject the functioning of a film script and it is not yet clear. Considering the success of the last game, probably will go through him. Hopefully Resident Evil style-style operation be faced with. Each action class is passed that in mind as, although far as the game is a re adaptation of the series was left behind.

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