MMD, the market is focused on console games screens takes off


Philips brand license partner MMD monitors to home entertainment, particularly console gaming monitor brings to market a brand new product group that focuses on momentum. The first on the market Momentum Philips screen Philips 436M6VBPAB, 43-inch VA panel giant, breathtaking 4K resolution with UAI is offered. 436M6VBPAB screen, the peak brightness 1000 cd/m2 brightness, % 100 CT.709% and 97.6 DCI-P3 coverage with ultra-wide color gamut and 8-bit + 2-bit FRC (frame rate Control – control the number of frames) due to the color depth of 1.07 billion colors, offering 1000 displayhdr new VESA™ standard compatible with the first screen in the world! 436M6VBPAB conventional quantum dot model is also equipped with the technology of LED Backlight Technology. Vibrant greens and redder reds, bluer than blue Yesil with this innovative semiconductor technology, dynamic colours it produces. Red, blue and Yesil at shorter wavelength for quantum dot owing to the resources, these can be displayed in a format more saturated main colors, and this color increases the accuracy and Vitality. 436M6VBPAB model, thanks to low input lag mode, that gives you an advantage over the players a real gaming monitor. Moreover, more rapid visual feedback for elegant design, and without breaking the gaming experience for tutukluksuz and Adaptive-Sync features.

Philips introduces a group of product momentum

Some people hear great excitement about PC gaming, keyboards and mice at their hands doesn’t never down, just the players prefer to sit in their chairs and usually short – (

By changing the momentum of this view fills the gap in the product range of Philips monitors product group. Your goal is the screen to the player and the consumer informed of the latest innovations in the field of the focus of bringing big-screen entertainment Console to play games and scroll. Especially for smaller areas, the momentum of the group with an exceptional quality of product meets the requirements of all the fun the screen.

436M6VBPAB model, modern & futuristic, thin, aluminum have a very small frame on a foot, Frequent, large scale screen. On the screen, thanks to a halo of light around the external panel, equipped with ambiglow lighting created an unique and immersive viewing experience. Quick internal processor of the image by analyzing the content of light color and brightness, the image on the screen to fit is organizing. In this film, is especially suitable for sports and games. The elegant exterior design of the model 436M6VBPAB ambiglow have one of a kind, just like the other members of the family momentum.

436M6VBPAB model to be released, ultra clear 4K (3840×2160 pixels) HD resolution fast, with only 4 smartresponse MS GtG (gray on gray) for flawless responsiveness and the smoothest gaming experience equipped with a VA panel, 43 inch with support for adaptive sync. Custom pixel Philips overdrive technology, elegant design, and speed in games and in the movies isn’t a ghost image of the full ensures that presents the least possible delay. The current generation of consoles and 4K resolution games in the most recent versions of the selected high dynamic range (HDR – high dynamic-Range) is able to produce, this model is perfectly adequate 436M6VBPAB. 436M6VBPAB model for Adaptive Sync thanks to the support of AMD GPUs at the same time, daily entertainment, movie, TV series is very suitable for games for the next. Adaptive Sync, the frame rate matching the refresh rate of the screen of the image given in games which are not compatible to each other, resulting in stiffness and eliminates breakage of frames. Disclosed to the public for more responsive, low input lag mode 436m6vbpab model you are using. In this mode, The total input lag of the screen and it skips most of the internal signal processors halves.

Real 436m6vbpab model of DNA as well as with a monitor, other product groups, such as Philips monitor, the screen is versatile and useful. The multiview feature, the multi-task execution by increasing the picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture mode can display two sources simultaneously. DisplayPort 1.2, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0 inputs the image signal and the display signal, USB data and power charging devices with a single cable-C connection, thanks to the very rich. Connecting a device via USB peripherals internal USB 3.0 also to improve the versatility.

436M6VBPAB model also DTS sound™high quality with two 7-watt speaker, because it contains not only visually, but also in terms of sound is not consolidated on surukleyicilik.

MMD, konsol oyunlarına odaklanan ekranlarını piyasaya çıkartıyorMomentum is the product group with the idea that the user can be placed a considerable distance from the screen was designed. Greatest comfort and the best user experience for the connected monitor, and other HDMI devices 436M6VBPAB model together with Philips easylink allows you to control a remote that comes with it.

First the Philips Momentum screen, 436M6VBPAB model will be released in May 2018 on the recommended retail price of USD 969.

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