Minecraft Wallpaper Mod


The Wallpaper mod aims to dress up your walls with neat designs that don’t take up any extra space. These simply paste over existing walls without needing to move things around or add any additional bulk to your rooms.

Minecraft Wallpaper Mod

The patterns go up four block spaces and repeat for as long as you need. But be sure to place the wallpaper in succession or you may get mismatched tiles.

Minecraft Wallpaper Mod1

There are many different designs to suit whatever room you want to put it in. Whether it’s a kid’s room or a mural or even an ancient tomb, you have options to improve your interior design.

Minecraft Wallpaper Mod2

Minecraft Wallpaper Mod3

Minecraft Wallpaper Mod4

You can place wallpaper behind items and blocks without destroying them. Just place it as you normally would and the wallpaper sticks right behind it.

Minecraft Wallpaper Mod5

And if you want to remove any wallpaper just craft a scraper and right click any pieces you want gone.

Minecraft Wallpaper Mod6

Minecraft Wallpaper Mod7


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