Minecraft console cross-platform support is coming soon


Millions of players played and fondly PC , which is the best-selling game in history, Minecraftnew updates keep coming. Finally, switch on the Nintendo platform version of the successful construction of the switch cross-platform support will come in June. However, this cross-platform support the switch only Nintendo and Xbox One versions will be between. So, currently the owners of the game on the PC or the switch PS4 Minecraft players play together. The $ 30 price tag successful in reaching millions of gamers on Nintendo platforms with the switch to production, managed to sell 144 million copies around the world.

Minecraft switch the version of cross-platform support is coming in the month of June

Usually younger players with the game, especially a big Player on it is tailored for the mobile platform. On the other hand, the game Nintendo game coming to the platform in honor of the Super Mario smash – up package that brought the developer, the team in the coming days, the new plug-ins of the game Switch Nintendo enrich the platform, he says. Finally, let’s of the game cross-platform support, when it will come to other platforms? Together we will see.