Middle-earth: shadow of war’s free this weekend


Monolith productions developed by Warner Bros. and published by Middle-earth: shadow of war, comes free on the steam platform this weekend.

Take a journey into the world of the Lord of the Rings

Middle-earth: Shadow of war, perpetuating the original story of Middle-earth open world RPG, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Lord of the rings and The Hobbit passes between the events of. The shadow of war , with heroes and villains full of new players, more personal and to a wider world, new regions, more characters and more as-yet-untold stories of a universe with new characters enter.

Middle-earth: Shadow of war game the new and improved melee system, hidden, and various combat options, expanded capabilities and comes with a new power ring. The players in the game that have run into with the Allies and familiar at the same time, Shelob , and Gollum iconic characters such as the mysterious spirit of nature, and the Canon’, they can witness. In addition, the orcs, Olog-hai, the ancient Tar Dorothy Balrog and the Dark Lord Sauron, like you will fight with deadly enemies.

Also the game Steam is free on that if you want to buy within a period, a 50% discount.