Microsoft’s new Halo game, not quite as expected


Halo halo the greatest expectation of fans of the series the announcement of a new game. Next E3 2018in Halo 6 Halo the greatest hope of players enthusiast the announcement. Recently Microsoft announced a new Halo game. However, this new Halo game is a big question mark if this will satisfy the gamers with 6 pending.

Microsoft announces new Halo arcade game machine

Halo: Fireteam raven is Microsoft’s popular first-person perspective action game arcade machines designed for version. 343 industries, the raw thrills and play mechanix firms that’s a pretty big Halo‘s worked in partnership in order to make a arcade machine. 3-foot 4K LCD screen, featuring jointly in 4 people can play the game as the arcade machine. Covenant spaceships fighting with the enemies and tools you can use. The arcade machine players who use rifles machine guns placed into the machine, which is inspired by the original series will be able to play the game by using. Players scanning the QR code in Halo Waypoint by using the online service will be able to establish a connection with other arcade players. About 4 years developed Halo: Fireteam Raven, you can watch the promotional video below arcade.