Microsoft’s game state of decay from 2 An unexpected success


The new generation of consoles, which is one of the most successful zombie-themed games to come out of survival and decay of State 2from an unexpected success. For about 4 years in the development process of the state of Decay 2, the foregoing, according to 1 million surpasses the number of active players. Construction also succeeds in reaching to this number in just 48 hours, the Xbox One is one of the most beloved games of the side. The developers of the game stating that the fastest growing of hits on YouTube, quite satisfied with the situation.

State of decay 2, reached 1 million players

2013 of players in the very first game, thanks to the fun gameplay mechanics, players was able to connect. But the basic problems in gameplay mechanics in-game, had been unable to achieve any success. This time the second game was developed with the support of Microsoft and co – op gameplay with a good story, putting players said Hello again. Pass Game the system can play after paying for the game, including a small amount. Also the game PC or Xbox on the side if you buy the game out of the game on other platforms, we should note that you can access for free.