Microsoft’s E3 conference, it became apparent that it would take a few hours to 2018


The love in the video game world of E3 Expo our days are numbered. Tuesday June 12th start on the event, which will end on June 15. They’re trying companies they do business unabated for the great presentations. The first news that came about this topic by Microsoft. Directly from Microsoft according to the information described by the fair which will take place at the Xbox presentation exactly 2 hours it will last. For two hours we don’t know what the company is going to tell, but Microsoft’s blog posted on the site, according to the developers they work for the Xbox pretty much.

Xbox E3 conference a few hours will it take?

Probably the developers in the presentation will appear in front of the player with a new AAA game. Also the thieves of the sea, state of decay, Forza and the new Xbox we may obtain interesting information about. Microsoft’s response to Sony’s presentation, it is not certain that will last a few hours. Past year, Microsoft’s presentation for 90 minutes lasted. Can’t see too pleased with the players 90 minutes this year to developers who will be able to satisfy the people who love? Ubisoft’s next big console companies is expected to make a presentation.