Microsoft will make its own battle Royale game?


Microsoft’s Xbox section boss, Phil Spencer, Twitter user, Microsoft’s own battle Royale on the question of the project currently is unlikely, he said.

PUBG is not smart enough to be a rival and fortnite

As you know, Fortnite, playerunknown’s Battlegrounds like battle Royale live the Golden Age of games nowadays. Battle Royale has gained a very important place among both players and publishers of games, is placed on the agenda of the developers. Recently a Twitter user Xbox boss Phil Spencer, Microsoft was on the agenda asked whether the developers of battle Royale style. Spencer, however, is already on the agenda Fortnite and PUBG like two massive games of the game that has taken place has unique characteristics, and this is a battle Royale of the games without doing a thing different from the content of the game’s launch said it is not very wise. Therefore, Microsoft’s battle Royale for now it can be said that the concept of any stand on.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer’S I can say that this is about right. Because there are millions of players in both games. Also the Xbox exclusive have a concept PUBG sales are going quite well. However, this is still definitely a battle Royale in the future by Microsoft doesn’t mean we can’t see the game. Moreover, Battlefield 5 and Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 like third-party games we already see on the road that is moving.