Microsoft, the nearest in time is a fan-made game will shut down


Long-standing fan-made mod “ElDewrito”old school Halo‘yu again, and giving players the PC on was offering a great online experience. Re-opened in this mode, players have memories and tazeletmis was officially made a fashion statement. When you go in and everything is normal, Microsoft started legal proceedings over the closure of this project, 343 industries said via the site.

As far as we know there’s something wrong with this situation 343

Which is the beginning of the Halo series 343 Industries, such as Bungee, actually to use the content in the halo of the players doesn’t talk much. The real problem here is thought to be at Microsoft in 343. Microsoft, in fact, fan-made games, hatred or aversion, but does not directly eldewrito the situation in Halo online mode when you’re falling in reverse unused things a bit. The specified situation, according to 343 industries, for now, stopped the project, but the situation is expected to be shut down this project soon . From the makers of eldewrito located at the beginning of a new post on the site was published.

343 and Microsoft are now in talks with the producers, is doing his best to survive mode. In the end, this project have to be cancelled if most Halo fans, a big disappointment .