Microsoft officially announced Gears 5 presentation at E3 2018


2018 Microsoft E3 presentation, 5 Gearsclick officially announced. In a similar manner to 4 Gears of War 5 gears, The Xbox One version as well as PCoutput. Developed by the coalition, a promotional video was released for Gears of War 5.

Microsoft’s E3 presentation in 2018, officially announced Gears of War 5

Record 5 players in the game will be able to play as Gears of war. The only one with both 5 and Gears of war can be played in split-screen friend. The game is multi-player mode will also be included.

Gears 5. The recording as the greatest and most beautiful ever created “Gears” in the world we’re going to start the adventure. Microsoft Gears of War 5 technically quite eye-catching that promises. Gears of War 5, the speed Ratio at 60 frames per second and HDR support, along with 4K ultra HD resolution can be played. Especially in the PC version of the game we can predict that we’d be greeted with pretty good graphics. Below you can browse the gears of war promotional trailer 5 published.