Microsoft announces new racing game that will be completely free


The Forza series, thanks to the self who was able to inspire Microsoft to new racing games, new racing game announced. New development on the side kutulan Electric Squareentrusted to. A British studio, which is Studio Electric, as a matter of fact we often hear the name of the Studio Gobo‘s and continues his life as a studio sub. Disney infinity just in time for the next series of Ubisoft developers who helped in the development of Miami honor we’re wondering what you can do on the street?

Street Miami announced

Just Windows 10 for PCs, announced street Miami, because the content will be completely free to play, stated that will be designed according to the end-user’s taste. Currently in the test phase when you play the game. However, Microsoft developers at E3 I can say that you could place in 2018 at Miami street fair. Instead of demonstrating in the streets, racing tracks venues of the developers of the game, the Xbox One‘did not give any information about whether you will go out.

For this reason the console players, Miami Street Xbox One‘was left to wonder about whether a will come. Let’s see the developers bringing the game to the console next to the PC?