Metro will be shown at the E3 gameplay video of the exodus deferred


2017 E3 presentation , especially when combined with the visuals quite a remarkable upset the Patriots Metro construction from the exodus came the news of a postponement.

Attracting attention with a new generation of graphics the game is postponed Metro Exodus

The game is delayed to 2019 , it was announced that E3 will be shared in detail about the presentation of new information. As of today, 4A games and deep Silver who comes up with the news of postponement of players from suasion to move almost came. Players who doesn’t want to lose the hopes of the exodus Underground deep silver and 4A games by posting a comment. The new E3 gameplay trailer from the exodus of Metro has announced to be released in 2018.

E3 gameplay trailer will be released in 2018 the new metro from the exodus

It deserves a quality game for the subway series, 4A games and deep Silver stating that they are in a pretty intense work of builders, we know the news of the postponement is disappointing, but the presentation at E3 in the month of June, never-before-seen gameplay video and we will be introducing to have said, literally the players has been tried to be at heart, we can say that. Let’s Exodus to metro in 2018 they will release the E3 video with will she be able to really impress gamers.