Mechanical keyboard Xiaomi introduced: Yue Silent Pro me Edition!


As with every product, proper price, sleek design and usefulness which prioritizes Xiaomi, considered these criteria in developing a new mechanical keyboard.

Anodized aluminum is mounted on the chassis 87 keys with me silent Yue Pro Edition TTC the Red switch is using. In this way, this comes from the name of the keyboard offering a very quiet operation.

PC+ABS material, Comfortable for use it is stated that the keys have an extra attention, the font on the keys looks much more stylish.

The microelectronics arm architecture that uses the keyboard, while minimizing delays for professional players incorporates all the features that are needed. On the other hand, increase the usefulness on the keyboard to the USB Type-C input is being used.

Finally, the product of 599 Yuan which is about $ 94 sold in China with a price tag of where they were noted.

:: What are your thoughts on Xiaomi mechanical keyboard?

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