Marvel cinematic universe hero joined a Muslim woman


Managed to collect millions of viewers around since 2008 marvel has, today appeals to a large audience in a global manner. Finally Avengers: Infinity War – Marvel blockbuster with their own cinematic universe adds it to the new hero announced. The scenario in the movie last hero squad staff that shrinks to appearing in the new film the producers because of Ms. marvel‘s announced that it has joined the team. Directly Marvel boss Kevin Feige made by this comment, was announced on BBC Arabic.

Ms. marvel, Marvel cinematic universe joined

In the story, sets them apart from other superheroes with becoming a Muslim Ms. marvel, we wonder if he would take a role in the movie. Real name Kamala Khan Ms. marvel it is not yet clear whether it will withdraw the film for a special. Currently shots who they’re fucking with Feige captain marvel, also for the latter part of the infinity war, the work continues unabated.

If the viewers like Ms. marvel, maybe the same from marvel black Panther movie, we can see such as a special. Finally, marvel team-up Marvel wants to reach his fans with this kind of breakthroughs located all over the world.