Mars introduced an open world survival game memories


Listen to survival games, it seems that slowly the storm while still an occasional interesting productions continue to come. An open world survival game Memories of Mars‘is one of them. The game will be through steam early access on June

Online open-world survival game memories came from Mars gameplay video

505 games and Limbic Entertainment developed by Memories of Mars, an open world online survival game that has been developed with Unreal Engine 4. A new promotional video of the game will be on steam early access on June 5 was released. A fps played from perspective, you will try to survive on Mars in the game, resource gathering, base build, and we will fight with the creatures of Mars. Online game mode that will be in the memories of Mars, with other players and artificial intelligence that can be entered into a conflict with. Players create their own teams and the lands of Mars to SCout out the remnants of the Meteor, caves, canyons, will be able to explore different parts of Mars. The game , as you can imagine early access will be. Below you can browse the ongoing construction of memories in a promotional video of Mars yet.