Making independent horror game Grey Dawn, is coming on June 7


Stone Interactive independent construction, which will be developed and published by Dawn Grayon June 7 will have a place in the market. To celebrate the announcement the team also released an 8 minute video that introduces the world of the game.

Full of religious elements, a world of mystery and tension

First-person bringing tension in the atmosphere in the game, the other one of the altar boys suspected of killing Swedish-born priest , father Abraham of the character are played with. The players, and interacts with objects in the game to prove his innocence and solve the mystery behind the boy lost father Abraham and they will try to solve the puzzles that will contribute to progress. Throughout the game players, both real and non-real universe, the two will discover them in the midst of struggle, will bring together between reality and deception.

The game in 1920, Great Britain’s is set in a remote village. Remember, each time when the character was accused of murder or missing children, filled with fear, going into a trance. Sometimes moments of madness this is made as a lie or a lie of the devil and not the voice to things that the character is trying to convince. You can watch the 8-minute video below of the game.