Mafia III Game Guide


The informal guide for Mafia III includes information that will help you complete the game and find all the secrets. On the first pages of the guide you will often find recommendations for the success of your current success. In addition, a general advice on the fight, sneak, prevent and escape polls, get money and manage your business.

It is the main part of a detailed narrative guide. The guide includes all the story missions and side missions taken by associates to work by the main hero. Task descriptions can find information on the best way to complete them and what you can achieve by doing.

Secrets section is a big part of this guide. This collection includes Playboy Magazine, Vargas picture, music albums, Hot Rod magazine, Propaganda and Repent posters. In this section you can find high quality maps of New Bordeaux in which the collection places are marked. Besides that, there are separate explanations that make it difficult to find secrets that are easier to find them.

Mafia III The next installment of the popular series of action games. This time the story takes place in the fictional city of New Bordeaux, based on New Orleans, in the 60s of the 20th century. The main protagonist of the game is Lincoln Clay, the Vietnam War black veteran. The main reason is that Clay brutally slaughtered the closest people, and there is a need for revenge on the gangster. During the game, Lincoln slowly recruited new allies and took over the cities of the city. The ultimate goal for him is the Italian mafia family, Sal Marcano is not an effective murder ..


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