Mads Mikkelsen gave an important tip about Stranding Death


No doubt E3 2018‘s one of the most anticipated Games at Kojima Productions by the PlayStation 4 , developed for the death-stranding. However, there is almost no information stranding death that would be a game on our hands. One of the important characters found in the game which will be who plays the famous actor, Mads Mikkelsen, gave a hint that death would be a game stranding.

Mads Mikkelsen will be a game gave you a hint about death stranding

The new film The Arctic‘s introduction to the scope of total film magazine giving an interview, Mads Mikkelsen, Stranding found interesting comments about Death. Death stranding how a game that has been the question possible in the game ‘s Multiplayer or coop mode refers to the manner, he replied: “the whole concept of the game, from what I understand, different people from different parts of the world with each other, cooperate , allowing it’s based on.” This interesting explanation, at least with the game online can play, we can conclude that. Of course, this game will be how the dynamics of the Souls’ series games or direct as in multiplayer based, or jointly with the structure of a game we played? We don’t know it. Hopefully Kojima the answers to these questions, the next 2018 E3 presentation.