Looks like Turkey Wikipedia the longing increased exponentially


Last year, Turkey closed down access to Wikipedia, the first year of the block by sharing a private video, Turkey demonstrated once again longing. Through social media, in the month of March last miss Turkey, We started a campaign with a tag that the internet Encyclopedia, is waiting impatiently to be opened in Turkey.

Wikipedia, ‘miss Turkey’, has launched a campaign called

Wikipedia missed the Turkey

Wikipedia, the official Youtube page, “a year without Turkeya year without Turkey, published a video with the title. Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Mausoleum is a historical and important places such as the images of Turkey’s tourism promotion films prepared with the flavor of video, highlighted how Wikipedia missed the Turkey. “Wikipedia is closed in Turkey for 1 years access, which means that 80 million people unable to free access to information” by checking the Wikipedia, without the shortcomings of Turkey highlighted. On the subject’s Wikipedia page, blog post published after the Block A and the traffic from Turkey in a week that declined 90 percent indicated. Wikipedia, the against Turkey in the past year with the rationale that is given in the smear information, the access was closed. On Wikipedia, we missed the Turkey-themed video you can watch below.