Lineage 2: the siege of the castle, the revolution began 200 player


Netmarble Corporation, the popular MMORPG game, Lineage 2: the revolution for a major update is released. The siege of the castle, called the new 200-player PvP mode, massive real-time battles against other clans or try to conquer the opposing team’s castle in to defend their fortress, gives you the ability to create teams of players against each other.

Castle siege mode released

A total of four clans (1, Advocating Attacking 3), by capturing the opponent’s sacred crystals will be able to fight to conquer a castle. Launched to celebrate the new update, the siege of the castle at the festival in the form of prizes are being offered to increase the TP for all the characters. Castle siege-season to pre season and conditions related to participate in the program contains more details, can be found on the official community website.