Lineage 2 Revolution


Lineage 2 Revolution is a gift from Netmarble, one of the biggest mobile game developers in the world, to RPG gamers.

Game; the gigantic open world, big-scale battles and high graphics quality make a difference that they can not close many of the rivalry in the mobile MMORPG category.


Mission System
Take control of Lineage 2 Revolution! Its simple and handy interface makes it easy to do tasks. Players can continuously check the information on ongoing and intermittent tasks from the menu and access the task area with a single touch. If you have an urgent task, if you can not keep your phone constantly; the automated task system will help you to raise the level of your character without wasting time.


Guns and Armor
Using the power of the Unreal 4 game engine to the last minute, Lineage 2 Revolution has dazzling armor and weapons. Armor and weapons in different grades from C to SR affect how powerful they are in the battle. If you want to find the best armor and weapons, the dungeons are waiting for you.

Clan System
If you want to advance in this game, definitely join a clan! Depending on the level of the clan, you can collect up to 50 of your friends and fight other clans, fight for the title of Kalenin Lord with other clans in Castle Siege and Castle Siege.


Monster Album
Here is a great content for those who want to beat all the creatures in the game. With the Monster Album, you can increase your battle power by collecting the essence of the creatures you killed in an album. Even if it looks easy at first glance it is very difficult to fill the album because you will need tight group companions for most of the main enemies and rare creatures you need to kill.

Run Processing
It is possible to increase the character’s Attack, Defense, Magic Spell, and many more with the run processing system. As you run through the different run pages to process Runs, the pages will be full, the values will be permanently increased and you will have the advantage against your opponents.

Playable Classes
In the game, you must choose four different rafts to explore the Aden World: Human, Elf, Black Elf or Dwarf. When choosing from a total of 24 different classes, do not forget to consider the specific characteristics of the races!

Aden World
Lineage 2: Revolution has an endless map and 18 different regions living on Earth’s history. But watch out for the surroundings! We will be waiting for great danger to Black Mystic from orkans in every region and Medusa from lizards.

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