Lenovo took the decision to abandon the software more a great game


PC games are pirated games on the platform against breakage and against a precautionary Lenovo, than just a game removed. In the past year faced by the players ambitious fighting game marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, now Lenovo won’t use. Capcom removed in accordance with the decision of the authorities denuvo we don’t know how to support the game. Denuvo but we can predict that no longer will be withdrawn from the market in the later stages.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, gave up denuvo

On the other hand this game to Capcom’s Update for the 10 GBpatch would bring, he noted. Although not mentioned yet is what that is relevant to this patch, this patch only remove the denuvo we think it’s a burden to players. Remember, a move similar to EA Gamescame from. Mass Effect: Andromedais located in the Lenovo developers published a patch for the removal of the protection is larger than expected.

Later stages let’s see, how many the company Lenovoto cut the ropes between the protection of? Together we will see. Denuvo’s most trusted company Ubisoft‘s denuvo the unwillingness, even now, Lenovo was the beginning of the end for the company. In the face of the pirate groups not to resist much longer, his reputation have taken quite a toll denuvo.