LEGO game LEGO new DC Super-villains are officially announced


Warner Bros. Gamesnew LEGO game DC Super LEGOvillains of the official announcement is made. The new game of the popular series, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox one for October 16th I predict Nintendo will be the switch.

LEGO game LEGO new DC Super-villains the official announcement was made

LEGO game LEGO on October 16, which will output the new DC Super-villains will have open world gameplay. Recognized Justice League DC characters. The Joker, Harley Quinn, hmm, deathstroke , and more have a place in the game.

Thus the rumors that came out a couple of the correct output. Posed in recent months, according to rumors, Warner Bros Games, DC was working on a game called LEGO villains.The company is a retailer’s web site, rage 2 was among the games that are listed along with. This listing which is the subject of rumors, was thus verified. Both rage 2, and LEGO DC Super-villains was officially announced after the rumors. Last week, WB games “Chaos back” by posting a short promotional video of the games called LEGO gave the signal that he was new on the path. LEGO DC Super-villains’ in the official announcement , along with an announcement video was released. Published the video below you can watch.