League Pass is coming this summer from games Rocket Rocket move


Last by Unreal Engine developed by the engine using the rocket Leaguethis summer as the game to expand the contents of the rocket Pass the new product will be called the unlocking system included in the game.

Rocket will be a free version and paid for a pass

Rocket League will release a new product for leveling players gained this summer will be introduced. The rocket pass is called, the system just Fortnite we can see on the Battle Pass , in the form of system will work. Thus, the rocket can pass on some of the players in the season will win various gifts on certain levels. Rocket free and paid versions of the system at the same time Pass in the game will take place. Various stickers in the free version, is one of the leading cosmetic products such as rims and enclosures will include a decryptor. If you are switching to Premium by paying a one time fee will be opened, but probably better quality and more content comparing to the free version.

Rocket Pass each Transition in the system will last for several months and over time, you will need a new one. The developer’s premium paid for a one-time fee for premium ends when all transitions are covered by whether or did not specify whether or not to pay again, but the idea is still developing, he said.

Also Rocket League players will be in a new arena this month, next month a new DLC pack for the game and take a step in the month of July with summer activities on the occasion of the birthday of big will be witness to the events of the game.