Last update has brought new features into overwatch jerk


Overwatch released a new update for. Published update Pc, PlayStation4 and Xbox One may be available. A team of players with the new update to the changes you need to be ready. One of these changes Hanzo character will be in.

The new update is changing what is overwatch

When we take a look to the update notes published as of May 3, The game has been added to the map, we can see that the task of a new escort. New map Rialto, the last update added to the game with. The city of Rialto, which was founded in the middle of the channel, the Map in the video under, you can browse the news. This new map, except for Brigitte, genji and Hanzo, Junkart, Lucio, Tracker to make changes in the features of the character was reformed. Hitbox of the character of the Genji has been shrunk. Hanzo is a character we see more improvements to it. The jerk of the storm bow speed from 85 to 100% is increased. Used in a very effective way to improve a lot of driving in the publication was reformed. Reload speed improvements were made. Into jerk at the same time new features have also been added. Hanzo jump in the air with the incoming update key is pressed, in a manner horizontal jump. Along with these updates the game from, let’s say there will be a change in the balance. All of the update notes can be found here.