La Casa de Papel in Istanbul will be the character array?


At first playing on Spanish television La Casa de Papel, after Netflix‘s he managed to spread awareness to millions of people through the structure. Despite some minor errors in the sense of the scenario in the successful series, the series doesn’t fall of the pace in no time. For this reason the array, and the number of those who cannot is considerably higher. Thousands of people watched the third season of the series in our country last week the future was set. However, you can a new claim, the array of flights can make a happy life for our country. In the third season according to claim the professor’s team in Istanbul by the name of a female character will participate in. Even rumors, this character Nesrin Cavadzade . Cavadzade Turkish TV series and film actress for a film project he had learned Spanish. Extremely reinforces the allegations in this case.

Istanbul will be the character in the third season of La Casa de bucks?

Nesrin Cavadzade, who is?

Nesrin Cavadzade (30 July 1982, Baku), Azerbaijani descent of the Turkish TV series and film actress. Cavadzade, he was born in Baku and came to Turkey at the age of 11. After graduating from Marmara University Department of cinema and television, sahika tekand acting Studio for 2 years he studied at oyunculari.

After College “homeless stepped into the world of television by taking on the lead role in the series, and the project directory at the same time after the second film of the trilogy Cemal who is the Director of famous love you, “on day eight of the Belle”starred in. For his role in this movie Erzurum, Bursa and Ankara film festivals for “Best Actress” awards. After this success, again directed Cemal what you did “pain” the performance was praised by critics and starred in the film.

La Casa De Papel dizisinde İstanbul karakteri olacak mı?

Outside the theater, “Milky Way” and “get here” waiting for the player in television projects such as in 2011, Hasan Tolga pulat directed, “have a nice day” we’ll see in the movie is played, and played, by the character Anna 48. Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival “Best Actress”, 23. Ankara International Film Festival “best actress” was named. In 2012, “the heavy Novel”is a television adaptation of “Heavy Novel new world” was featured on Leyla Black for her role in the array. The series is long-winded, although the player character with his attention once again pulled over.

What you want to be remembered by cinema acting career and more movies in 2014 emphasizing continued this success with the success of a featured player. Kutluğ ataman’s latest film , lamb, Erol mintas her first feature, my mother in the last letter about the song Çanakkale war with the lamb, and the player 51. At the Golden orange Film Festival “Best Actress” award.