Konami has spent the past financial period quite well


Konami, the video game world almost the last action he did after he managed to get into the most hated among the companies. Hideo Kojima the dispute with millions of Player waiting for the next Silent Hill game together, throw in with moves became the focus of negative criticism. Finally Survive Metal Gear‘I to the company’s financial year it was estimated that the market went bad. The Champions League license, PES series, FIFA series got into the players well-from the company he’s given up hope.

The revenues of the company Konami, contrary to expectations, its pretty good

However, today released financial reports showed that there is a pattern of Konami’s fine. Undergoing its most profitable period since 2012 Konami, apparently mobile platforms that can make very good income. In addition to being a great developer, a major distributor of Konami, which is probably a good income from a sponsorship deal he’s getting. Especially in Japan, raising revenues to raise the company’s worldwide revenues a description of the players waiting for new games from the company delights.

Apparently Metal Gear brand pachinko machines who spends Konami, looks small, but who reap the big profits on their investment was profitable.