Kingdom come: Deliverance patch 1.05 adds the fabric to the physics of the game


Realistic gameplay dynamics, with Mouth & Blade the series itself, who receives inspiration from a medieval-themed role-playing game kingdom come: Deliverancehas a new update coming. The update 1.05 of close to 200 correcting the error when the physics of the dynamics of the fabric also adds to the game for female characters.

Kingdom come: Deliverance patch 1.05 is used for error correction of close to 200.

Kingdom come: Deliverance, Last checked out in the month of February. However, the game found a lot of mistakes tasks that affect gameplay dynamics of the game had caused him to suffer from the reaction. 1 Mafia‘s Creator Daniel vávra‘s at the beginning of, Warhorse Studio developed by sounds like a game while the game is still early access, the story has already garnered acclaim, and the functioning of the dynamics of the war. Patches from the game critical errors fixed. When correcting the error 200 patch 1.05, new content adds to the game new features are as follows;

*Henry is now in the church and pay for his sins!

*Women’s clothes, cloth physics added.

*16 new lore to the world, we are publishing a book.

*Task items forgotten or worn, gravedigger of the chest will be moved.

*Apart from these, more than 200 games with the bug fixed.