Kingdom come: Deliverance most of the players couldn’t finish the game


Released in the month of February that we left behind kingdom come: Deliverance owned Ryo’s structure, he was loved by the players. FPS melee dynamics, thanks to gameplay that could be considered difficult with kingdom come: deliverance, a wide game, although due to errors in its possession had caused most players from the game to cool down. Made after the past 3 months, approximately $ 35 million, which cost quite a few number of players in the game on the PC platform. In fact, according to some data, most of the players who bought the game, the game was even finished. Githyp explains 95 percent of the players in the data is said to have left the game. A game of time out of the game on the PC platform 66 thousand people close to you playing currently kingdom come: deliverance, the number of active players of 3,600to be dropped.

Kingdom come: Deliverance fell by 95 percent the number of players

The developers who’s trying to fix bugs still in the game, apparently content that you add to the game offers to the players very slow. Developers who want to spend your time on the game and also you could find right on this kingdom come: Deliverance takes a long time to be consumed because it is a game Ryo.