Kingdom come: deliverance, a new expansion pack have been announced for


Departing in the month of February I had left kingdom come: Deliverance, realism-oriented theme with medieval war games was appreciated by players who like the mafia and mafia 1 The game that started the legend of the creator of Daniel vavra of established Warhorse Studio developed by new to the game expansion packs are on the way.

Kingdom come: deliverance is the story of the expansion pack announced

Kingdom Come: Deliverance'ın yeni genişleme paketleri belli oldu

On 13 February on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms departing for kingdom come: deliverance new expansion packs will come. This expansion pack will be provided free as part of about to be paid a portion of. Share war horse Studio’s official Twitter account made via recently, along with kingdom come: Deliverance 2019 announced a roadmap that extends until. By 2019 the 4 different game update with new Hardcore and Tournament game modes and New Story content will come. The making of kingdom come and the Combat Academy expansion packs in 2018,in 2019, I predict that will be with the other expansion packs. The mod support will be added to the game that will come with the new updates. Details about new expansion packs will be shared at E3 in 2018.