Keep your expectations low for days gone PS4’s new game


In the year 2018 to the players of the game special in the sense that you wanted Sony‘s new special game days for information that might not be flattering was shared. That is one of the important institutions of the foreign press Eurogamer, E3 has some information about the game by playing the demo early. According to Eurogamer, Days Gone, which is a sloppy and disappointing game. Eurogamer stating that the game overall is VERY messy, old, stated he had met with a scene that is shown in the demo. To beat Zombies with melee weapons the player can indicate to the fighting mechanics lived full of stressed.

In days gone going to be playing?

In fact, a lot of players that doesn’t turn on days gone‘, probably not as I can say is that it would be recorded on the video. Still single-player story mode decreased during this period by one of the games, hopefully Sony will surprise us with a nice game to face the players. Eurogamer finally, gone are the Daysonly it should be said that played a part. So the game did not reach yet the final version. Maybe a lot more heartwarming scenes in the game. If Eurogamer in the post if you want to read the article you can click here.