Just cause 4 Steam through the ads accidentally announced


The blast, unlimited fly and Hollywood-style action under our control that Serial just cause‘s new game announced. Steam surprisingly, the advertisements, the players comes face to face just cause 4, thereby further leaked before the E3 Expo. The leaking of steam due to the game accidentally intentionally made this situation to arise, he said. Pre-order just cause maybe the reason of such announcement in the form of 4 ad is an ad campaign.

Just cause 4 is coming

Still if the situation were reversed, if for this reason, Steam might run into trouble with the authorities. 2018 the fair prepared to make a presentation at the E3 Square Enix‘s, cause 4 just about new images would show where the obvious case. Action to raise the bar a little with the latest game making, we wonder if it will change what is in the new game.

In addition to all these, the game pre-order along with the AD, we can predict that this will emerge in years. Yourself to a private audience in the Just Cause series of games in each of the Sales is rising. Open-world developers who raised the map of the game in every game, this time seriously may bring surprise players with a huge map.

Just Cause 4, Steam reklamları üzerinden yanlışlıkla duyuruldu