Just cause 3 free to Xbox Live Gold members over the weekend


Avalanche Studios‘reputation that has developed popular open-world action game just cause 3, can be played for free from today until the end of next week. Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download and play just cause 3 for four days without any restrictions.

Just cause 3 Xbox one on Xbox LIVE for 4 days for free members

Just cause 3 makes the output on 1 December 2015, currently the Microsoft store £ 89.00, 17.80 TL has plummeted. A DLC pack that adds extra side quests the game just cause 3 XL Edition at the Microsoft store is currently 26.90 TL are sold. You can download free and try it before you decide to buy the game.

In 2015, the sequel to the popular series. An island in the Mediterranean inhabited to overthrow the notorious dictator, military bases, ports, prisons, police stations and communication building to take our only purpose in the game. Who don’t give much in terms of story, just cause 3 Open-World acrobatics in hook, parachute, and climbing up the side of the building to lash’s part of the fun out of the game.