Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom


Movie industry and especially Hollywoodvisual effects in the ceiling of the first movie of the series at the beginning of the 90s in front of us put Jurassic Spielberg he’s our big brother, we’ve seen that one before (maybe very little that we saw was able to bring the scenes together. Regarded as the master of thriller, Steven Spielberg, Jurassic Park the same air he wanted to keep the series alive. Cinema is a beautiful time in the sense of leaving it behind in 2015 if the 90s generation brand new Jurassic film Jurassic World met up again with.

Jurassic world: the fallen Kingdom movie how bad was it?

If you followed your first film, Jurassic fun to the brand is the scenes where the voltage is further integrated to the next it seems. The story, which makes a good start in the sense of Jurassic World, housed within every major inconsistencies, although in the end it was left to the audience some clues that the second film is on the way. The second film starts exactly where the first film left from the point. Humanity barely survived the disaster at Jurassic World, dinosaurs beats meat when it’s about the money again. If you have any expectations from the second movie, if the screenplay in the sense of those expectations, I suggest you keep a little low. Is presented to the audience at the beginning of the film and the subject has nothing to do with the ending of the movie. But this cycle every Jurassic are pushed in front of us in the movie, and a movie you’re familiar with the series, you can ignore this status if you are. In the film parallel to this, the dinosaurs and megalomaniac politicians because of issues such as the inability to control the course of the story of the film upside down in an instant.

Who is in the first movie starring Chris Prattnew movie with the same character faces in the audience. With dinosaurs the most intimate character, Owen (Chris Pratt), the dinosaurs look a little cooler in the second film. In the first movie that we saw Blue and Owen closer, looks in the second movie in place. The decision to split the field into two main screenwriters of the new movie The story line, the story of Owen from the first film and blue remaining till our eyes this time “stay alive, why should the dinosaurs?” question impose.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Like most in Spielberg’s movie, in the story located at the beginning of the film is shown as a wild and ruthless creatures while like the first film, The second through the blue dinosaur in the movie named Jurassic dinosaurs depicted as more cute and friendly creatures. On the other hand, experienced Director as Spielberg’s dinosaurs show it as the opposite of a bloodthirsty monster, the dinosaurs appeared in the second film has been brought to the forefront in almost every scene. However, the screenwriters, the idea that dinosaurs or animals and they have to live dayatirk while the audience in the scene and be shown to the people as a creature of dinosaurs in the movie so we face the biggest inconsistency is the enemy.

With regard to the voltage of the scenes, Director Juan Antonio bayona’it is necessary to technical. Dinosaurs and carnivorous people one-on-one scenes where, MAX with the impact of technology has been very successful. The scenes filmed in the 90s that makes funny references to the movie besides Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs of the scenes we encountered with overly grandiose and, I must underline the fact that in the air that makes the audience nervous. If Jurassic World will pass visual effects: the fallen Kingdom is the best movie I’ve watched so far that uses the CGI effects, I can say that. The first film already laid in front of us in the bar for visual effects in the sense of quality, more elevated in the second film

In terms of the characters in the film, starring Chris Pratt , Owen , played by Bryce Dallas Howard , Claire , when we left the characters aside, all the remaining characters we come across is the same cliché in Hollywood films and almost all the fact that made me a little sad with the characters. Owen in the team Zia with the doctor named Franklin , named by an engineer, reveals itself only in a few scenes, as the scenes may give you the feeling like in the movie he had remaining.

When we got to the end, if the ‘ 90s taken Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, if you are a fan of the series, and Jurassic World, the dinosaur theme presented in the movie if you are satisfied with, you can easily go for the second film. However, the first film, if you bother to appeal to the younger generation more than in the 90s films Jurassic World the fallen Kingdom when I go to think twice.