Jaw dropping game of Turkish companies for the price it was purchased!

Orkun heating and Berkcan Trust against the ninja!

The new games that have developed in the past year, “Merge Dragons!” with the highest paid game in the top 50 games into the founding partner and CEO at grams Mehmet Ecevit spoke regarding the purchase.

“Since 2012, we successfully created a culture of Gram Games in Istanbul and London working in the studio and our talented team of numerous successful our game; Zynga worldwide active company we are proud to unite with the organization. We believe in Zynga’s mission to the world games and the team with the binding deeply we are very excited to start working with.”

The buying process that performs Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau said:

“Turkish game development company mobile game games and creative methods, the original culture of team grams a lot of us obviously impressed. Acting fast, enjoyable, easy to play and addictive games they’re making.”

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