Japan began work on a themed version superhot


Slowly losing popularity is super hot, still is regarded as one of the different productions of the game world. VR is offered for sale again as you have when the game first came out with the theme he went for it. Type ongoing time moves as in the game it was really fun, and easily was able to attract the top players but unfortunately has lost popularity because of the time lag.

Has not escaped the eyes of the Japanese.

Least played super hot in the West, this time the Japanese have managed to attract the attention. In Japan, game studio Game Tomo, she made a deal with the producers of superhot, and the game they began to convey the theme of Japan. Not only the theme, but also new weapons, new missions and new game modes SUPERHOT JPwill be added. Approximately 18 special section theme will be Japan, as expected, with JP coming out with superhot. Karaoke rooms, restaurants and private construction, which will be in places like castles of the Samurai a bow and arrow, sword, and Shuriken, such as unique weapons to Japan has indicated that it will also be included.

SUPERHOT'ın Japonya temalı versiyonu üzerinde çalışmalar başladı

SUPERHOT'ın Japonya temalı versiyonu üzerinde çalışmalar başladı

Construction could begin this year for PC and PS4 will be available on the platform. The price, according to gametomo, it won’t be salty and can be accessed by anyone.