J. K. Rowling again apologized for killing a character


J. K Rowling every 2 may‘also Harry Potter apologizes for killing a character from the series. The reason that they did that for four years in a row on May 2, specially fans of the series know as the Battle of Hogwarts‘anniversary. Sorry dear this year’s house-Elf Free our sweet, sweet Doby arrived. Then J. K. Rowling killed you if you didn’t kill neeey been upset since the writer of game of Thrones if you were, you were going to write an apology on Twitter every day?

On the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, J. K. Rowling for killing dobby apologized

In the past year defense against the dark Arts Professor Remus Lupin, one of the mischievous twins of the series, George Weasley‘s other half , Fred , who is the subject of many discussions and most morally Severus snape‘s death, he apologized for writes.

The author wanted to do with his new series on Twitter to give you information if you had given up but at the last moment incidents, characters he uses frequently to describe phenomena such as. Generally the most popular Harry Potter fans by making statements against the social events he’s managed to alienate even this way we won’t be lying to say I guess.

Rest in peace Dobby.