I’ve tested the controller Ipega Mobile for mobile players


In recent years, with the rapid development of a fairly mobile platform, players can up the producers surprised. PC and console game developers with big budgets who entered to when we left aside the mobile platform, gamers games that they’re constantly trying to offer more innovative and use the latest technology. The PC’s GPU’s also no longer the power it receives from the sense of realistic graphics in mobile platforms, when we left aside the console platform, they’re close. Thanks to a considerable amount of the phones powerful processor, we are able to play games quite realistic. However, because these games appeal to the more hardcore segment of what we call Player the games via touch screen can reduce the pleasure that gave control to the gameplay. While controlling the character in the game next to a feeling of small strokes that we can take your troubles.

I’ve tested the mobile Controller ipega

Mayday players on this Ipega controller for the games that are difficult to play with engineers on the touch screen has developed a family of quality. At this time our test table Ipega’s mid-level controller is equipped with. This controller is mid-level do not look into the classification. The controller the DualShock 4 or the Xbox One’S controller is compared with performance at least as good as them, I want to underline offered to you. The D – pad keys in a classical X, Y, B ,A and press the controller bumper , known as keys, and most importantly, two analog ipega containing the controller of the mobile platform with Controller support on all games that can work in a healthy way. Bluetooth is also connected via the controller Start, select and Home key. These keys work if the game supports it during the game, back to the game menu provides help.

Mobil oyuncular için Ipega mobil kontrolcüsünü test ettik

Located at the peak of tablets with all phones aside when we left skid controller that can adapt to the size of the controller is neither too big, nor too small. When we compare the 3DS with the same dimensions that correspond to dimensions with this controller you can carry in your purse at any moment. Thanks to the Bluetooth adapter with the phone, Smart TVs, and gaming, offering Controller, Free via you can buy.

That does not require any additional software to connect to the phone, for Ipega’s Controller solution for mobile recently popular battle Royale games, you can easily use. Safe and easy to use touch screens on the controller while your competitors hapsederk himself a way you can get ahead of your competitors.

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Controller Ipega mobile