It’s Ditto out the trailer of swords to be published tomorrow


Netflix‘s Castlevania series, behind the Powerhouse Animation‘animation did and devolver digital with one direction‘s developed by the swords of Ditto to be released tomorrow, a trailer to celebrate the game published.

The 4 of swords is coming out for PS Ditto on April 24 and computers on the market

ARPG ksiyonthat have Ditto the swords of the evil enemy in the game Mormowill give a relentless war against, and this in turn to develop our character we will fight with other enemies.

Trailer of the character of the enemy, who opened his eyes on an island in the purple he’s wearing his sword when he saw mormo Castle, and running back going to the castle, the result is frustration. He dropped the sword and this time takes another character by spending time in the village, developing himself by fighting with other enemies. This time it looks like the characters that attacked two people has managed to defeat the enemy. The graphics are extremely cute, which are the swords of Ditto‘s a kind of game and explains the workings of this trailer alone, it’s not as easy as it seems to stand against the evil enemy will not mormo don’t go to Castle and develop yourself.