It’s a new story trailer the highly anticipated horror game agony


In the past week about the censorship of the news , who comes up with horror game Agony to have been affected by censorship that doesn’t look like much for a story, it’s a trailer.

New horror game called Agony, unfortunately, fell victim to censorship

Madrid Studio‘s PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One developed for Agony, a horror game on 29 May to meet with gamers. In the past week, production company, sharing via Twitter with 7 different in the game last will be found that gave the information.

How many last will be the game that opens the gates of hell agony

It’s a chilling story from a promotional trailer agony fear

As of the last day anticipated agony pretty creepy horror game it’s a trailer for a story. Quite bloody, the sex and violence that it contains new story trailer, that it would be a hint of how agony game, although the story in the game that give as much information about what is, it is difficult to say. Gidilig some restrictions on console versions of the game, was explained earlier. The scenes in this trailer released, was the victim of censorship, I don’t know. However agony of a game would be rather unusual. The trailer is meant for the adults of the story published.