It’s a new gameplay trailer for the game state of decay 2


Undead labs and Microsoft’s cooperation resulting from the Decay 2 state of new gameplay video for the game was released.

Community and stay alive

Even when the army hits the fan ceased around zombies, survival conditions you specify, every move is important in the case that you will bring people together and build community. State of decay 2, together with up to three friends, offers the possibility to establish a team to survive against the zombies that wreaked havoc. Developing together with you within the game in real-time and in a dynamic world, by your choices determines your destiny. Also the choices you make, can have important consequences for the community created.

Unreal Engine 4 survival game developed with the graphics engine, a multi-player option and real-time with the world seems quite ambitious. State of decay 2, May 22,is preparing to expel the dust on the market. $30will be available with a price tag of the game, according to the testimony of the developer’s micro-transaction will not include. However, DLC in the form of expansions added to the game.

State of decay 2 , published you can watch the gameplay video below.