It wouldn’t surprise God of war to sign a new record


Apparently from the moment the players who managed to gather the appreciation of the god of war by the name of will be talked about for a long time. Even video games already took his place in the history of. Game industry analyst Michael Patcher, according to God of war PS4‘s best-selling exclusive game.

God of war can sell more than 10 million.

Michael Patcher; “in my opinion, 10 million units would be for low sales of God of war level,” he says. “Around the world 70 million were sold PS4 considering that 10 million figure is not a figure that they cannot never be reached. Of course the PS4 action game, assuming each player you didn’t like the owner, we are able to predict sales between 10 to 20 million.” Another action game PS4 specially developed e Horizon: Daybreak Zero a little more than 7 million sold.

On sale last Friday which is the day God of war, has brought a whole new breath to the series. Changing the dynamics of the game along with Kratos, and the full story of the adventures of the Son of atreus, the actors and at the same time, the gaming press has received acclaim. New God of war game were given very high scores by the press.