It will take a few hours to finish the new Tomb Raider from start to finish?


Recently officially introduced a new Tomb Raider game in the shadow of the tomb Rair revealed new information continues to emerge about. The scenario in the sense of attracting the attention of new players the new game of Tomb Raider series, it was announced that the scenario of how many hours it would take. Tribeca Film Festivalto participate in the main scenario of the game the developers of 13 to 15 hours , said it would take. Without doing side missions to see how the players of developers who think that this period would be enough to be confronted with a scenario?

The shadow of the Tomb Raider will last about 15 hours to finish the main scenario

It is unclear how to extend the game’s side missions. However, some predictions said it would take 20 hours to completely finish the game with side quests. The game that has the exploration of the world would play an important role in the game of who said that Eidos officials, crystal dynamics‘open-world much of the elements they don’t like apparently. Currently the new Tomb Raider series, it doesn’t matter to a lot of properties in the open world exploration. Uncharted‘which is the young Lara Croftin this game will be released in a manner to more experienced players.