It will take a few hours to finish the game the last of agony in hell?


And that scares the hell most players in the last Agony‘s it became apparent that it would take a few hours. Developer Team Madmind Studios, his new statement in the game in 12 hours could be completed, he said. The main scenario of the developers who said it was only that long, along with side events, this will be extended for the duration of gameplay. 29 May on Turkish subtitled versions of the console which will be released to the players in a way, we should note that construction is censored. Even the developers PC version is also censored, but that could be corrected in the PC version with the patch said.

It will take 12 hours to finish agony

So if you have no intention of playing the game if that PCin we recommend that you do. Go through all kinds of hell We can see the element of fear and violence along with Agony‘s broke out by the time we’re probably going to throw away other horror games. In development for a very long time, let’s could satisfy the players?

Which suspends players for so long finally developers of the game postponed for the lack of any technical glitch in the game were reported. So if you are afraid of playing the game for technical reasons, be at peace.