It was announced that Eidos Montreal is working on a new game


Eidos in MontrealL AT two important project are known to work. One of them,no doubt, the shadow of Tomb Raider and the other a mystery still preserves Avenger Project called game. One of the top managers of the firm, David Anfossi, Deus Ex series has died with his explanation yet as to whether the recently made comments. Wondered whether this third Secret Deus Ex project.

New Deus Ex game Eidos the company thinking about, what is it?

Eidos Montreal is working on a new game as kept secret

Eidos Montreal crystal dynamics Tomb Raider that improves along with the shadow of it is known. Recently in an interview the Firm’s top manager David Anfossi, “in our hands, that we developed in conjunction with crystal dynamics and the Tomb Raider shadow of the Avengers projects , as well as a third game, there is more toit. I think that’s enough for now.” by saying that they are working on a third game announced. This projects we are curious about the third game and the Avengers. Let Eidos’s upcoming presentation at E3, these games is to explain what it is.