IOS apps free for a short time!


Limited time free download offered iOS applications for listed. It’s not you just let him get away with this, as you are reading this, in the list of applications even back paid there is likely to be. So you want to download to the application in a hurry, you should not be.

IOS apps free for a short time!

IOS apps free for a short time we’re with another collection. Let’s say there are applications which are on our list this time?

PPI: Projected personality of the Interpreter

PPI application with your social media footprint (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) From sources such as blogs and web pages analyzed are extracted. Thus, you can ask on what criteria to reflect your personality in a virtual environment.

:: PPI: Projected Personality Interpreter download the app!

Mordheim: Skirmish Warband

Mordheim: skirmish warband a new generation of character development, and a strategy game.

:: Mordheim: skirmish warband download the app!

VR Guide: Universal Studios

Universal Studios by VR titles published as compatible with this virtual reality app in the middle of a movie set.

:: VR Guide: download the app to Universal Studios!

Galaxy Trucker Pocket

Galaxy Trucker Pocket savastirdig you make your tour your own space ships and a puzzle – adventure game.

:: Galaxy Trucker Pocket app download!

Backgammon HD

Backgammon HD, available in the app store a number of high-resolution a game of backgammon, although online Support we offer to match.

:: Download Backgammon HD app!

smart HUD

smart HUD advanced reflective glass on the gauge and application. Open the app and your car’s windshield behind putting it, mirrored, digital indicators You can take advantage of.

:: download the app smart HUD!

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