Interesting facts about reviews Steam emerged


The fall of Castle PC acting Steam about interesting information was revealed. Kannada Queen’s university students, and games on Steam reviews about some reports I have created. Reports to the information revealed by the game developer’s eye, approaching with the students was intriguing.

The summary of the resulting statistics goes something like this,

Negative reviews, positive reviews longer than.
– Post reviews of games in early access, and games completed is longer than written reviews. Users also do not hesitate to give back to the developers.
– They paid the players longer games write a review. Post reviews of the games are free to play shorter. Written reviews average minimum 215 games character purchased with money, while this percentage in 105 Games the free to play an average character.
– The vast majority of reviews written in the English language. Also, on average, in mining the language that is used in America equal to in the case the knowledge of the language that is taught in elementary school.
– Only 42 percent of reviews, it gives developers precise information. So, the vast majority of players gave feedback to developers much useless.
Negative reviews, positive reviews, according to the developers comes in much more handy.
– Players usually 13.5 hours writing a review on it after playing the game. Also the game players who are short of time, usually writing a negative review.